Hi there

This is my first blog post on my new website. For years I've been putting off publishing my own page, in part because I didn't know how and in part because I didn't want the extra work, but now I think the time is right.

What will it be about?

Some people write about specific technology, which pair of VR goggles they bought or or what their cat had for lunch. This blog will be not much different. My main focus should be around functional programming, cool tools, funky new industry developments, but overall something that's more fun to read than listening to your weird uncle Norton complaining about the wheather, and contain more information than a celebrity's twitter feed (I don't have a twitter account, so I can only assume it's not that informative).

What stuff do I use?

I've been working on frontend apps, since I started working as an engineer. The backend was in PHP, which didn't excite me a lot but I developed a big passion for working on the browser stuff. My next job was frontend only. After React revolutionized the frontend landscape, I was drawn to something more stable that none of the other JS libs could give me. A true functional programming (FP) language, called Elm. So naturally I use Elm, Haskell, a bit of Node, mostly. Writing FP code is just the most fun I've had writing code in all my developer time. I will write a lot more about functional programming for sure and whatever else comes to my mind. As long as I have fun writing and a few people enjoy reading that sounds like a good deal to me :-).

Stay tuned.

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